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Divider | Volumetric with Narrow Belt and 30kg Hopper (Painted Body)

6 to 8 weeks from date of order .
This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

The ideal machine for any size bakery to mass produce dough balls. The machines are equipped with a stainless steel open hopper that has a 30 kg capacity. The body, piston and drum of the machine are stainless steel for maximum hygiene and durability. The machines are run for 3 days in the factory prior to dispatch to ensure the high quality and that all working parts are bedded in before the customer gets the machine. Single or Double Piston models available with a large variety of weight ranges that can be achieved. New Dell machines come with a 1 year Guarantee. Optional extras on this model include a Stainless Steel Body, Flour Duster Unit, Teflon Treated Hopper, 50kg Hopper, 80kg Hopper, 100kg Hopper, 120kg Hopper, 200kg Hopper, 300kg Hopper, Remote Control Start and Stop, Controls on Conveyor Belt, Scraper for Belt, and Extra Lubrication for Drum via a tap. Parts for this machine are available, Please view the document below and contact us on 01296 381896 or e-mail to get a quotation on the parts you require.