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Slicer | Adjustable Thickness for Breads

4 to 6 weeks from date of order .
This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Fully stainless steel Bread Slicer with an entirely adjustable thickness from between 5mm and 20mm which can be set per loaf if needed! Suitable for taking all kinds of bread, and loaves upto to 230x140x500mm. The machine has a Teflon coated circular blade which operates at an incredibly high RPM making it very efficient at cutting through the product, perfect for fragile loaves, and also minimising the amounts of crumbs that it produces during slicing. Can produce upto 150 slices per minute depending on operator speed and type of loaf. Also especially good at slicing slab cakes, even fruits cake with very little crumbs produced. Easy to use digital controls with touch screen to enable simple programming for the member of staff using the machine. Mounted on castors for easy relocation around the bakery and conforms to all the latest EU safety regulations. Mech Masz machines come with a 1 year Guarantee. Optional extras on this model include producing with a smaller 350mm loaf slicing area instead of 500mm, and replacement blades. A blade sharpening service is available for these machines, please just ask! Parts for this machine are available, Please view the document below and contact us on 01296 381896 or e-mail [email protected] to get a quotation on the parts you require.