Bun Dividers

Here at Creeds Direct, we stock a superb selection of bun dividers fit for any size of bakery business. Ranging from semi-automatic bun dividers with interchangeable heads, to automatic variants, we are sure that we can offer you baking machinery that can match your exact requirements. Our range of semi automatic bun divider rounders are designed to remove the effort for caterers during the cutting and shaping process. Similarly, our automatic bun dividers can really maximise efficiency in your bakery settings by producing a large quantity of uniform and high quality, rounded dough balls per hour. The machines only require one operator to man so you can experience a healthy reduction in your labour costs. Not to mention, our bun dividers are powered by electricity so you wont have the troubles associated with increasing carbon footprint levels so you can adhere to any environmentally friendly objectives incorporated across your bakery.