Dough Dividers

Discover our highly sought after and impressive dough dividers and dough divider machines including a fantastic range of manual, semi automatic, automatic, hydraulic and volumetric variants. These machines are Ideal for any sized bakery looking to save time and money on daily tasks. All of our dough dividers produce uniformly rounded dough balls allowing you to produce quality products each and every time. Not to mention, the machines come in a variety of sizes making them ideal for any sized commercial bakery. When in use, the dough will be chopped using high quality blades and then neatly rolled into uniform balls ready for you to use immediately. Our dough dividers vary in the number of features they possess including maximum dough weight capacity, the number of dough pieces produced, and the shape of these pieces which can include squares, circles or hexagonal. The possibilities are endless and you'll be pleased to know you have come to the right place here at Creeds Direct.