Flour Sifters

Discover our sturdy and reliable flour sifter machines, available in either a painted body or stainless steel. With the ability to sift 2 tonnes of flour per hour, our flour sifters are top of the range and will make a great time-saving addition to any commercial bakery. Using a pendulum cradle design system, the flour structure is maintained and kept unspoiled. Sifting flour allows the flour to become lighter and easier to mix into other ingredients when baking however, doing this can become a time consuming task. Investing in a flour sifter machine will not only save you time but it can save on labour costs. Furthermore, our flour sifters offer extreme levels of convenience and at no cost to the space within your bakery setting. We know as ex-professional bakers and suppliers of bakery equipment, just how valuable area your work space is so why not enquire about our fantastic flour sifters today.

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