What You Need to Start a Small Makeup Business

What You Need to Start a Small Makeup Business

If you’re considering starting a small makeup business, this article is for you. You are about to embark on the beginning of an exciting adventure, and we know there is nothing better than having the chance to indulge in your passions. We commend you for taking the leap, but you should be aware of the uphill battles you are about to encounter. Planning will not prevent every pitfall your small makeup business will encounter. But you can minimise the damage by preparing in advance. 

We at Creeds Direct have compiled a list of small business equipment you’ll need to guarantee the success of your small makeup business, and make your job a little easier. We’ll also be touching on the business hygiene practices you should be aware of to ensure you don’t accidentally break any rules.

Planetary Mixers

Planetary Mixers can be used for a variety of purposes. Aside from cosmetics, Planetary Mixers are used to mix large quantities of heavy dough, as well as whip, cream, slice, and grate various ingredients. This makes Planetary Mixers an invaluable tool for a small makeup business because it can allow you to mix large volumes of ingredients at a time without exerting yourself. 

They work by a unique nature of motion whereby the mixing utensils used in the machine rotate around its own axis and circumference. This gives it its ‘Planetary’ name. 

Here at Creeds Direct, we sell a variety of Planetary Mixers in a range of sizes; standard-bodied mixers and tall-bodied mixers. Additionally, they have 20-speed variations and help to preserve the quality of your products by slowly gaining speed and gradually slowing after it reaches full speed. 
Our Planetary Mixers hold various volumes. For example, the BTF010 holds up to 10 litres of ingredients. But our BTF060 holds 60 litres. All of our Planetary Mixers are ideal for small makeup businesses and can be bought outright or on finance!


Spatulas are incredibly useful for small makeup businesses because they reduce clean-up, help to maintain business hygiene, and prevent product waste. Rubber-ended plastic spatulas in particular are efficient at scraping the residue from the circumference of the mixing bowl, as the flexibility of the rubber can work alongside the surface of the bowl to remove as much product as possible and prevent wastage. 

Additionally, the use of spatulas in a small makeup business negates the need to touch the product with your hands to remove it from around the bowl, which helps to improve business hygiene. Finally, as mentioned above, the efficiency of the spatulas at scraping the excess product from the sides of the bowls makes it far easier to clean up. 

Unlike spoons, which tend to leave long lines of products around the bowl, spatulas can efficiently remove all products in rows and eliminate leftover lines of product that can create a mess once you attempt to properly clean it.
We recommend our 52cm spatula to remove the product from the circumference of your mixing bowl. But if you’re mixing smaller batches of ingredients, a smaller spatula would be helpful!


If your small makeup business tends to use materials that get stuck to surfaces easily, we recommend you purchase a scraper! Scrapers work very similarly to spatulas in that they help to remove residue from surfaces. But spatulas, particularly silicone ones, won’t work optimally on hardened ingredients. This is why a metal griddle scraper will work wonders for your surfaces when it comes to clean-up time.  

Small business equipment is meant to help your business run smoothly and reduce the amount of time you spend on menial tasks when there are more important things you could be doing. 

A griddle scraper will help you to successfully and efficiently clean your workstations. But if you’re trying to clean bowls and don’t want to use a spatula, a specially curved dough scraper is the piece of small business equipment that you need. 

Measuring Jugs and Weighing Scales

Beyond everything else, the production of cosmetics is chemistry. It takes a series of very accurate measurements to produce a perfect batch of product, and you need to be able to record your perfect recipes to the millilitre. 

Secondly, cosmetic products tend to stain, especially those that are extra pigmented. So we recommend you purchase a stainless steel measuring jug. So that pigment residue doesn’t accidentally interfere with future batches of different products. 
When it comes to weighing scales, measurements should be accurate to the nth degree. This is why we recommend our Professional Scales to ensure your batches finish identically and so you can develop a reputation for your small makeup business as accurate and high-quality every time.


Additionally, expanding on batch accuracy, portioners can be incredibly helpful when ensuring your products remain consistent. Whether you’re measuring pigment or different oils and chemicals, a portioner can help to maintain constancy with your products. We have variously sized portioners available to meet your needs. 

Additionally, they can help to maintain business hygiene. If you mix a particular product with another (which could be an allergen) and decide to remove some product from the mixture as you have overestimated, there could be some residue of the allergen still on the product. Portioners can help you to be exact and negate the possibility of cross-contamination, which is an extremely important business hygiene factor.

On a separate note, if your small makeup business is using ingredients that could be considered allergens to some, having a range of coloured utensils dedicated to particular ingredients can remove the possibility of cross-contamination. The colour coding allows easy identification, so accidentally using the portioner for allergenic products becomes unlikely. 
Our most popular-sized portioner is the Red Size 24, which will allow you to measure roughly 24 portions per litre.

How can Creeds Direct help?

Creeds Direct can help your small makeup business thrive with our range of small business equipment. We value your business hygiene and reputation, which is why we offer such a range of products to ensure your small makeup business operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible while adhering to health and safety standards. 

Browse our range of products online or contact us today if you’d like to inquire about our products! 

Good luck!