Why is Baking Good For Your Mental Health

Why is Baking Good For Your Mental Health

Baking is an activity that has many countless cognitive benefits for individuals. We think it’s fair to say that when you have transformed your perfect christmas cookie idea into reality, it can leave yourself and others with a glistening smile. With this in mind, the links with baking and positive mental health are well documented. As such, this blog will discuss: 

  • Why baking is good for your mental health
  • Benefits of baking and mental health
  • Final point

Why Baking Is Good For Your Mental Health

To start off, we are going to discuss why baking is good for your mental health. Baking simply gives you the potential to put you in an improved state of mind. This is partly because, if done correctly, individuals can feel a sense of accomplishment. Often people struggling with mental health can experience symptoms of feeling out of control, however, baking can help rectify this. Each ingredient must be measured out as the recipe illustrates in order to get something edible as an end product, creating a calm and comforting process that has helped many people with their mental health problems in the past. 

Benefits of Baking and Mental Health:

  • How Does Baking Help Relieve Stress?

One of the ways baking is good for your mental health is because it can be a form of stress relief. Imagine you have had a long stressful week at work and you are seeking some form of antidote for the built up tension inside. This is where baking can assist you. You can slam your dough ball on the counter in order to prepare your future bread/pizza and this very motion can unleash that build up frustration and will no doubt make you feel a lot better. Not to mention you’ll get a tasty edible item at the end of your baking session.

  • Why Does Baking Improve Nutrition?

One of the main causes for a deterioration in one’s mental health is poor nutrition and poor physical health. We all know the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and by baking/cooking your own food at home, you can take full control over the quality of your diet. As such, you can incorporate foods that stimulate the production of serotonin which can help to reduce depression and regulate anxiety, both of which are key factors to an individual’s mental health. 

  • How Does Baking Improve Concentration?

A common symptom of many mental health issues is difficulty concentrating on any given task. Baking forces you to improve this possible issue. Paying attention to what you’re doing is much easier when there’s an obvious end reward for your hard work. Furthermore, baking improves your motor functions due to its ‘hands on’ nature. By performing tasks, such as  whisking, beating or measuring ingredients, these physical steps help you exercise your cognitive and physical muscles to ultimately improve your concentration. 

  • Boost Self-Esteem

Another major benefit of baking is that it can greatly boost one’s self-confidence. This is because knowing that people have enjoyed the baking you made is a wonderful way to turn your self-esteem around. Furthermore, after a successful baking item has been created, typically there will be praise issued your way which can help to balance out all the self-critical thoughts that bounce around your brain on a daily basis. Such praise can help you feel more able to tackle other challenges in your life.

  • Social Connections 

Having a strong social support network is crucial, especially for those who are feeling down. It can be especially hard to adjust to new environments where you don’t know anyone, such as starting a new job or generally meeting new people. However, the beauty of baking is that it can act as an effective ice-breaker and could be the start of a long-lasting report with your colleagues or neighbours. Furthermore, elderly people often are more prone to loneliness, therefore, it is important that you spend quality time with them and what better way to do this than an indulging and fun baking activity. 

  • Helps Develop a Healthy Routine

The final benefit of baking and mental health discussed within this blog is that it develops a solid and structured routine to your day. Without a structure, it can be easy to lose motivation or to feel stressed out. However, building a routine through baking makes life a little less overwhelming and can reduce your stress levels greatly. Baking regularly forces you to get organised. Once you get into the habit of home baking, you will be able to keep track of the ingredients you have in the house and will naturally build up a routine of planning your meals according to the ingredients you have. As such, it makes you feel like you have a firm grip on your mental wellbeing and can perform your daily activities without any hassle. 

Final Point

To conclude, baking has many countless benefits to help improve your mental health. If you are looking to purchase any baking utensils or baking machinery to help with your baking applications, why not contact our friendly staff here at Creeds Direct: enquiries@creedsdirect.co.uk or call us on 0800 270 7777