Improve Your Bakery Using These 3 Bakery Machines

Improve Your Bakery Using These 3 Bakery Machines

Bakery machines and bakeries have developed quite significantly over the years. In the past, bakeries have been documented to first come to light during 168 BC in Rome. Since then, baked goods have continued to skyrocket in demand. 

However, the baking industry has changed over the many years it has been present. And in particular, we are referring to the bakery technology that is utilised as well as changes in consumer tastes in today’s standards. The technology being used in bakeries allows for easier and quicker production of baked goods, allowing bakeries to save on labour and slowly but surely shape the baking industry as we know it today. With this in mind, we are going to list the different bakery machines that have reinvigorated the baking industry in the modern era: 

Bakery Machines :

  • Dough Divider 

To start the list of industrial bakery equipment we have the dough divider. In the past, bakers would have to perform tasks such as manually producing uniform, rounded dough. This would have taken a considerable amount of time to complete however, with the invention of a dough divider, bakers can simply insert a mixture of dough into the bakery machine and within minutes, they are left with identical dough balls ready to be baked in the oven.

What’s also important to note is that the new equipment we see in modern bakery settings more often than not include ‘smart’ feature controls. Smart controls allow bakers to store recipe programmes into the machines so that they can easily and efficiently produce multiple types of products at the push of a button. This creates labour-saving advantages as well as allowing bakeries to produce large quantities of products without having to employ extra help or expand their bakery size. 

  • Bread Slicer 

Bread slicers are most common in large-scale or high-speed production settings. They have two rotating metal drums, one at the upper and one at the lower section that drive slicing blades. The blades can either move in a figure-8 motion or simply vertically up and down. The width between them can be adjusted to create various slice thicknesses or serving sizes. When the bread is fed through, you are left with uniform sliced bread all at the push of a button.

  • Flour Sifters

The final machine we recommend to improve your bakery are flour sifters. Flour sifters are machines that are capable of sifting up to 2 tonnes of flour per hour and will make a great time-saving addition to any commercial bakery. With some manufacturers designing these machines using a pendulum cradle system, the flour structure is maintained and kept unspoiled. By using a flour sifter, your flour becomes lighter and easier to mix into other ingredients when baking and is ideal for any aspiring bakeries looking to excel within the industry.