How to Make Your Bakery Money with a Bagel Machine

How to Make Your Bakery Money with a Bagel Machine

In the UK, we eat more than 320 million bagels a year. Commercial bakeries will know that they are increasing in popularity year-on-year. In fact, in January 2024, the Telegraph named them ‘Britain’s hottest bread’. As well as being able to find them in supermarkets, bakeries, and shops across the country, it’s no surprise that there are now over 180 bagel shops and cafes in the United Kingdom looking to capitalise on this rising trend. 

If you’re considering increasing your bagel production to make your bakery more money, then the answer is clear – purchase a bagel machine. Wondering if the initial expense is worth it? Read on to find out more how the benefits far outweigh the upfront costs.

Increase Your Bagel Production

The first automated bagel making machines were introduced in 1963, by Daniel Thompson, a Canadian-born American inventor and entrepreneur. Back then, they produced between 200 and 400 bagels an hour. Not bad at all! The automatic bagel making machine helped to popularise the bagel by making them more readily available in cafes, shops, and restaurants all over the world. To keep up with demands, today the bagel machine automatically produces up to an incredible 2400 bagels per hour, through an process of: 

  • Rolling
  • Pressing
  • Shaping 

The end result is dough formed into perfect circles or rings, ready to be proofed, boiled and finally baked into delicious bagels. Without the bagel maker, the process would take hours of manual work. By utilising a machine, you can enjoy a whole host of benefits:

  • Increase your ability to produce bagels at scale
  • Grow your business and profits
  • Remove the manual work
  • Reduce the cost of labour
  • Simplify the process

Are bagel machines worth it?

To put this into simple terms, on average, an experienced baker might be able to produce around 1 to 2 bagels per minute when working efficiently. Assuming an average production rate of 1.5 bagels per minute, the estimated time required to match a machine is: 2400 bagels ÷ 1.5 bagels per minute = 1600 minutes.

So, it would take approximately 1600 minutes to roll, press, and shape 2400 bagels by hand. This is equivalent to around 26.7 hours compared to just one hour when using a bagel machine. The end result is the same either way, delicious bagels with a crisp and chewy texture. The amount of time you want to spend on it, well that’s up to you. But, for greater efficiency, a bagel maker is certainly the way to go.

How Machinery Aids Success

A great example of how machines have helped grow the success of bakeries is the story of a popular Brick Lane bagel shop. Founded in 1855, the Beigel Shop was the original and first ‘beigel’ bakery to open on Brick Lane. Since then, this landmark institution has been serving London’s insatiable appetite for bagels. Today, they are open 24 hours a day, all year round. 

To deal with the production increase, a bagel machine was introduced in 1994. Today, the bakery bakes over 10,000 bagels in just one weekend! Modern machinery has helped take their business from strength to strength without compromising on quality. Each one is still perfectly shaped, proofed, boiled in hot water, dipped in cold water, and then baked using the traditional methods.

Enjoy Effortless Results

Ultimately, bagel lines are designed for larger bakeries who want a simple way of producing large batches. They help to avoid manual work while still obtaining a perfect result. There simply is no need to spend hours crafting bagels when this bagel maker can increase production effortlessly. Made to assist in fulfilling the increasing market demand, this makes them ideal for commercial bakery businesses like:

  • Larger bakeries
  • Bagel shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Food factories
  • Startups

With this machine, bagels are produced simply, always ensuring a uniform and perfect result. The line consists of a DB120 divider and the BM3M bagel former for a complete process without the stress. Forget spending hours trying to shape a bagel to get a nice seal. This machine produces quality products every time and with very little effort required from you.

What other machines do I need to make bagels?

Looking to complete the process? There are a few commercial bakery machines that you need to make large amounts of bagels easily. Here are 4 must-haves to add to your equipment list:

  • Bagel machines: as highlighted above, this is the most efficient way to produce bagels at scale.
  • Mixers: an essential bit of equipment for your bagel shop or bakery is a quality commercial mixer for making the perfect bagel batter. 
  • Bagel Kettles: the traditional method of dropping bagels into boiling water helps them expand, gives them a crisp crust, and develops the trademark shine. 
  • Deck Oven: used alongside a commercial bagel maker, this type of oven is used in busy bakeries for all types of bread and pastries.

Commercial Bagel Making Equipment

Whether you are looking to fast track your startup, or increase your production to make your bakery business more money, we offer commercial bagel making equipment for artisan and industrial bakeries alike. Our professional bakery equipment helps you to make the best possible products, in the best possible time. Of course, a bagel machine is an investment, but the savings in time, ease of production, and quality of products speak for themselves. Add to this the UK’s demand for bagels and you’re onto a winner!

So, that’s how adding a bagel machine to your bakery can make you money. But where can you find one? As one of the only companies in the UK to offer this machine, Creeds Direct offers the best service, advice, and price on the market. What’s more, we also offer the option to spread the cost on a monthly basis. Find your bagel line moulder here or call us today for more information. You can also view the manufacturer’s production video below to see exactly how it works before you buy.

Bagel Maker Production Line available from Creeds Direct