Professional Baking Equipment to Step up Your Baking Game

Professional Baking Equipment to Step up Your Baking Game

Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation for supplying professional baking equipment to established bakers, commercial kitchens, and successful restaurateurs. However, we’re here to let you in on a little secret: we also sell to all kinds of bakers looking to take their baking to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced baker. Our impressive collection of excellent quality, affordable baking utensils will help you master the art of baking. 

While larger bakery machines are our bread and butter, it isn’t just machinery that we deal in. We believe that proper baking utensils are among the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your kitchen. For less experienced bakers, using quality bakeware equipment instead of the cheaper, flimsy alternatives can make a huge difference in stepping up your baking game. Not only do they improve the experience but they will last a lot longer too. 

So, whether you are a professional baker, a serious hobby baker, or someone looking to make the leap from home baker to professional, here’s the lowdown on bakeware that you should invest in.

What is a Baking Utensil?

It might sound obvious, but for those not in the know, a baking utensil is a tool or piece of equipment used to assist with various tasks during baking. This includes things like cutting, stirring and decorating. Baking utensils serve to make your job easier and result in far better batches of baked goods.

Some of the most common bakery utensils used in modern kitchens include:

Invest in the Best Bakeware 

Professional baking tools will make your job in the kitchen far easier. Plus, you’ll never have to make-do with an unsuitable piece of equipment again. For example, bakery tins that are uniform in size and shape ensure cakes with more than one layer are exactly the same. This means you don’t have to faff around with trimming. They are also dishwasher safe, which many highstreet versions aren’t, helping to simplify the cleaning process. By investing in quality, durable bakeware you might end up spending a little more. But the tools are likely to perform better and last longer, so it’s an investment worth making.

Baking Tools in the Spotlight

Bake Off is back on our televisions, with passionate amateur bakers competing against the best the UK has to offer. October’s episodes of The Great British Bake Off have seen the bakers compete in Biscuit Week, Bread Week, and Pastry Week. Over the weeks we saw the bakers using various professional baking equipment which included:

Dough Preparation Equipment

During Bread Week, the bakers were tasked with creating 8 identical Devonshire Splits. Whether you are looking to serve your bakes to friends and family, or sell to the general public, consistency is key. You want all your items to look as identical as possible. Using commercial cutting equipment can really help. 

For example, a dough scraper can make this process much simpler. They are used to scrape the dough out of the bowl onto a floured surface before dividing into equal pieces. Whether you choose a metal dough scraper or plastic dough scraper, the stiff stainless steel blade allows you to easily cut and divide dough. 

Alternatively, if you have a larger premises, using dough dividers is a great way to simplify the cutting process. Importantly, you can save yourself even more time!

Pastry Utensils

Baking Cutters

Pastry Week saw a few bakers fall down when it came to producing cheat’s rough puff pastry. A few bakers decided to add their butter into the mix instead of scattering the frozen grated butter over dough before folding it in to achieve those flaky layers. 

Make sure your baking ambitions don’t collapse like Rowan’s pie. When it comes to preparation equipment for pastry, there are plenty of tools that you can use to get the best results. For example, in terms of achieving a beautiful looking pie, you can use various size pastry cutters to cut the pastry into neat discs. This means neat edges which cannot be achieved using the dinner plate and knife option which often ends in jagged sides. 

Top Tip: for those looking to achieve a lattice top, use a lattice cutter and save yourself heaps of time.

Pastry Brushes

Once the layers of the Pithivier were assembled for the technical challenge, the bakers pressed the edges firmly together to seal before brushing the top with beaten egg using a pastry brush. Where some skipped this step, it’s important if you want to achieve a golden finish and a professional look.  

Cheap pastry brushes are a dime a dozen but specialist wash brushes are likely made of a food safe polypropylene compound which are set in resin for extra strength and durability. This means no loose bristles here which is a common problem with cheaper home-baking brushes. The other option is a natural bristle grease brush which is made of pig bristle. This has incredible absorbency, making them a quality pastry brush choice for any bakery environment.

Product Finishing Tools

Decorating or product finishing is an important stage in the baking process. Biscuit Week saw the bakers creating the iconic custard cream. Not only did this involve cutting and stamping the biscuit dough, but also filling the centre with crème au beurre. The best way to achieve this, for a neat and professional look, is by filling a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle. When it comes to piping bags, you can either choose disposable or reusable. 

Disposable piping bags are a hygienic and convenient option. They are made from food contact approved plastic with strong seams so are very reliable. Commercial grade piping bags are simply stronger and more reliable than their high-street counterparts. Reusable piping bags are even more heavy duty and made from food safe approved polyurethane coated cotton. As they are reusable, they also feature a cotton loop for hanging your piping bags on a hook and easy storage.

Recommended Baking Utensils

All bakers should have these essential pieces of professional baking equipment to ensure the best results.

Where to Buy Baking Utensils

Whether you’re simply looking to step up your baking game, or aiming for the UK’s Best Amateur Baker, investing in professional baking equipment is essential. Quality bakeware like bread tins, piping bags, and scrapers made from durable materials make a huge difference in improving your baked goods. They say a poor workman blames his tools but you can only create the best bakes if you have the right tools and top ingredients. 

If you are looking to improve your baking, you want to make sure you’re using the best professional baking supplies you can. Choosing professional baking equipment made from hard-wearing materials like stainless steel is ideal for hobby bakers and larger bakeries alike. The professional bakers who use our products already know that our low prices don’t mean compromising quality. Afterall, we don’t think it should cost an arm and a leg to bake something incredible.

For baking utensils that will take your baking to the next level, you’ll find everything you need at the best baking supply shop, Creeds Direct.