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The Commercial Bread Making Equipment That Every Bakery Needs

The Commercial Bread Making Equipment That Every Bakery Needs

Getting the correct commercial bread making equipment is paramount to the success of your business. Industrial bakeries strive for customer satisfaction with every loaf they bake; the quality and consistency of their bread is what keeps customers coming back for more. 

But knowing where to start with industrial bread making equipment is tricky. There are so many machines available, all used for different functions. So, at Creeds Direct, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of the equipment essentials for every bakery so you can figure out your bread slicers from your dough mixers. 

Keep reading for the commercial bread making equipment your bakery needs to bake the perfect loaf every time.

Convection oven

Investing in a quality convection oven for your bakery is perhaps the most important purchase you’ll make. The cost may seem daunting, but it is completely worth it for the quality you will get out of it. Retailers like us, Creeds Direct, often offer finance plans for this big purchase. You can get more information on this by requesting a finance quote with us on our convection ovens.

It is recommended that industrial bakers use convection ovens rather than conventional gas or electric ovens. This is due to the power of convection ovens being superior to the alternatives. Convection ovens produce even bakes in a timely manner; they are the ultimate way to make bread making production more efficient. 

Convection ovens are also a popular choice due to their versatility within a bakery. Not only do they provide a perfect bake on bread products, but they are also used for cakes, pastries and other baked goods. 

Some of the most popular convection ovens are the Real Forni ovens and the Tagliavini Modular Oven. Both of these models supply bakers worldwide with a powerful yet speedy solution to getting the perfect loaf for customers.

Bread slicer

Another key piece of commercial bread making equipment is the bread slicer. To some, this may seem needless, however, it is actually one of the most important elements of a commercial bakery. 

Bread doesn’t just require the right taste and texture, but also the right presentation. A quality bread slicer is the ideal solution to achieving uniform loaves, dividing bread into even slices for the customer. In addition to giving your loaves the right look, a quality bread slicer can actually help to preserve your baked goods and give them a longer shelf life.

This piece of industrial bread making equipment comes in many types. These include manual slicers, semi-automatic, belt-fed and automatic. Across bread slicers, different models will come with varying functions and sizes. Popular bread slicer models include Taglio machines as well as the Rollmatic bread slicers

Dough dividers

The next essential piece of commercial bread making equipment is a dough divider. Dough dividers come in many types. This includes manual dough dividers, semi-automatic, automatic, hydraulic, and volumetric.

As mentioned prior regarding bread slicers, the presentation of your loaves matters. Therefore, having a quality dough divider in your bakery is essential to achieving the best-quality products for your customers. 

A dough divider is used to separate dough into equal sizes and ensure proper quality control within a bakery. These machines have been known to reduce labour costs and save time in industrial bakeries. Ferneto supplies some of the best quality dough dividers in the industry, which are trusted by bakers worldwide. 

Dough mixers 

Having a dough mixer can both save you time and help create beautiful loaves. When working with dough on an industrial scale, mixing by hand goes out the window. Rather, bakeries use dough mixers to get the job done with a great result.

Dough mixers also play a role in quality control as they ensure the consistent mixing of dough batches, resulting in uniform baked goods later on down the line. The right dough mixer will mimic the actions of the baker’s arms when kneading dough, ensuring that the job is done correctly and time efficiently.

Dough mixers come with a variety of different features. These include the standard models, industrial, tilting, and detachable bowl mixers. You can simply choose the dough mixer that suits your commercial bread making equipment needs. 

Trusted brands Ferneto and Dell’oro are frequently seen in industrial bakeries due to their reliability and outstanding results.

Proofing cabinets 

Proofing cabinets are a crucial piece of commercial bread making equipment. They enable dough to rise, with the correct temperature and humidity to create perfectly proven dough. Having the correct proofing equipment is integral to the quality control of your loaves, as consistent proofing creates uniform loaves for your customers to enjoy. 

Proofing cabinets come in sizes to suit all bakeries big and small and different demands. Prover cabinets have varying amounts of compartments, shelves, and storage, so there will certainly be one for your bakery. 

Proofing cabinets are a critical investment for your bakery, thus making them an essential piece of industrial bread making equipment. 

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Here at Creeds Direct, we supply all the above listed commercial bread making equipment, at the right prices. We offer finance plans across our industrial equipment to make it easier for your bakery to get the products it needs for the perfect bakes. 

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