New for 2024: The Best Tray Washing Machine for Your Bakery

New for 2024: The Best Tray Washing Machine for Your Bakery

Medium and large bakeries will know the hassle that comes with cleaning your bakery trays. You have to deal with specialised companies that take away your trays and bring them back which are very expensive. Alternatively, you may be cleaning them by hand which is extremely time consuming. Or, you may have your own chemical treatment machines which involves soaking trays for hours, meaning you can only treat a small quantity of trays at a time. In essence, there has never really been a good option… until now!

It has never been so easy and quick to clean your baking trays and confectionery trays using the new tray washing machine from Creeds Direct. This professional cleaner uses friction to effectively clean your bakery equipment, meaning no expensive or toxic chemicals! For this reason alone, it’s the best tray washing machine for your bakery. What’s more, it is highly efficient and cost-effective compared to other cleaning solutions. Interested in learning more? Read on!

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Image of deck oven full of baking trays

Why you need to Clean your Bakery Trays

As a bakery, you will know that heavy build up of carbon and grease on your trays causes problems. No matter what the size of your bakery, it’s an issue. Carbon is a problem in any commercial bakery, from busy artisan bakers to large bakeries (including food manufacturing plants). Not only is it a real pain to get rid of, it’s very costly to do so. Carbon can ruin your products, affect cooking times, and increase wastage. Alongside this, customers and inspectors definitely don’t want to see dirty looking trays. So, let’s look at your options.

Image of a commercial baking tray with text over the top describing why proper tray cleaning is essential

The Problem with Old Tray Washing Methods

From our experience, most high street bakeries use a manual scraper to clean their baking trays. Because this takes a lot of time, they may not do it very often – just when they need to show inspectors or big customers!

Larger bakeries often use the other option, which is to send it to a chemical plant to be treated. The benefits of chemical cleaning is that the trays come out looking almost brand new. The drawback is that it is extremely expensive as only specialised companies offer it. They also have to take away the trays and bring them back, which isn’t ideal during busy periods.

While there are also smaller in-house chemical tray washing machines available, often they will only accept certain types or sizes of trays. Again, this isn’t ideal!

The most common complaints we hear about tray washing are:

  • Takeaway bakery tray cleaning can be very expensive. 
  • Manual bakery tray cleaning can be very time consuming.
  • Chemical cleaning can use toxic chemicals which may harm the environment.
  • Tray wash can cause health hazards like skin corrosion and eye damage

Photo of a Baker scrubbing a baking tray by hand to emphasise how much easier it is to use a baking tray washing machine

Modern Tray Cleaning for Large Bakeries

So, what if there was a less expensive, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and cost effective solution? Well, there is! Brand new for 2024 at Creeds Direct is a revolutionary tray cleaning machine. We’re offering you an entirely different way of cleaning trays without chemicals!

While cleaning without toxic chemicals means that they won’t look brand new, they will be incredibly clean. What’s more, other cleaning machines will only accept certain types of trays. Ours is almost universal in the trays it can take. It is perfectly adapted for operation with most tray sizes used in the UK industry, including:

  • 400 x 600 mm
  • 460 x 762 mm 
  • 580 x 780 mm
  • 600 x 800 mm

Furthermore, where other tray cleaners can only accept flat trays, or those with 2 raised sides along the length, our new machine will clean 3 or even 4 rim trays. Sides can measure up to 24mm (1 inch approx) – any larger than this is extremely rare in the industry.

Other Key Features

  • Machine sides remove easily to repair or replace brushes – though this rarely needs to be done
  • The machine stops if side is opened for safety and also features an emergency stop button 
  • Fully mobile – can be placed anywhere in your bakery due to portable design

Inforgraphic describing the benefits of a tray washing machine with an image of the commercial bakery equipment

The Benefits of an in-house Bakery Tray Cleaning Machine

Our new tray cleaning machine is from Mech-Masz, a highly trusted brand within the bakery industry. It is constructed from sturdy and easy-to-clean stainless steel, making it perfectly suited for commercial settings. Importantly, by bringing your cleaning in-house and investing in an eco-friendly baking tray washing machine, you’ll reap a number of benefits. These include:

  • Saving you time – no need for scraping or soaking!
  • Saving you money – no need to outsource!
  • Giving you spotless commercial bakery trays
  • Extending the life of your bakery equipment
  • Improving staff morale by decreasing labour
  • Impressing the Environmental Health Officer
  • Reducing your water usage – uses friction alone for incredible cleaning!
  • Improving your environmental footprint – no chemicals required!

Infographic describing how efficient the baking tray cleaning machine is and showing a gleaming clean tray

How to clean commercial baking trays

Of course, the main reason for bakery tray cleaning is to keep them hygienic. In order to do this, the tray cleaning machine features 16 durable brushes with reinforced cores that ensure that every piece of carbon or dirt has been removed. It cleans aluminium, black steel, or stainless steel baking trays or sheets with ease. What’s more, it works on both perforated and solid baking trays.

Simple Operation

  1. Simply use the digital control panel to set the number of cycles you want the tray to go through – up to 20 depending on how dirty the tray is.
  2. Insert the tray into the large slot at the front of the machine, below the control panel.
  3. The machine automatically detects your tray and the brushes start to work.
  4. The brushes pull the tray to the other end of the machine, brushing it all the time, before returning back to where it entered. That completes 1 cycle.
  5. Remove the clean tray and insert another. Note that carbon residue will have been eliminated in the process but the tray may retain a darker colour.

You can run up to 20 cycles on the same tray depending on how dirty it is. No detergent or chemicals are required at all – all the cleaning is done by the durable bristled brushes. They remove any carbon and dirt, which is collected in draw at base on the machine. You can then easily empty this when it is full. For more information, see the below instructional video:

Highly Efficient

Our solution is a highly efficient tray wash where a single cycle takes just 6 seconds to complete. When it comes to the amount of cycles needed, see the below guide: 

  • A mildly dirty tray can be cleaned in 1 cycle through the machine.
  • A very dirty tray may require 2 or 3 cycles to be cleaned.

Therefore, as an estimate, you can clean up to 10 mildly dirty trays per minute. If trays are cleaned regularly, then at worst they would be mildly dirty each time you want to clean them. Therefore you could clean approximately 360 baking trays per hour. That’s amazing by anyone’s standards. Crucially, it also allows you time to get back to what really matters – baking!

Professional Baker removing baking trays from oven

Find Your Tray Washing Machine

Don’t waste money sending your baking trays away to clean them. Do it in house with this incredible, environmentally-friendly  tray washing machine. Discover how quick and easy it can be while saving money at the same time. What could be better than that? 

  • Reduce staff working time (simple, one person operation)
  • Keep your trays in perfectly clean condition
  • Clean up to 4 edge trays in various standard sizes
  • Shortened working time means increased efficiency and savings

Looking for professional bakery equipment that really works? Call us today for more information or to book your customer trial to see the machine in action. We’ll show you exactly how it works using your own trays as a test. By using your equipment during a trial, you can see exactly how well it performs before you buy. What could be more fair than that? Your trays will be brilliantly clean and ready to use again in no time at all. Call us today to see for yourself.

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