Why You Need a Proofing Cabinet for Your Bakery

Why You Need a Proofing Cabinet for Your Bakery

Proofing cabinets ensure that your batches are consistent and perfectly baked. They can improve the quality of your product, save you time and reduce the waste you generate over time. 

They’re an essential ingredient for a well-made bakery environment.


How Do Proving Cabinets Improve Product Quality?

They Provide Even Temperature Regulation

Proving cabinets ensure that your dough is fermented perfectly by maintaining a controlled environment through consistent temperature regulation. They provide an ideal temperature of 24°C to 35°C to promote even yeast fermentation, helping your dough to rise steadily and predictably and eliminating temperature swings.

They Maintain Moisture Regulation

Proofing cabinets control moisture levels to ensure your dough remains pliable and moist. 

Low humidity is often responsible for dryness and tough crust and can prevent your dough from rising properly. 

Excessive humidity can make your dough hard to work with. It creates stickiness, weakens the inner gluten network and interferes with crust formation, which could reduce the overall quality of your product.

Well-hydrated dough nurtures equal expansion and allows your dough to develop a more desirable texture.



They Consistently Circulate Air

Proofing cabinets use fans to gently and uniformly temper and moisturise your dough to prevent cold spots and achieve consistent dough quality. The fans ensure that all the dough receives the same heat and humidity, no matter its placement in the cabinet.

They Enable Precise Timing

Baking is a science. So it’s essential to follow the various rules for different types of dough, whether it’s bread, pastry, or pizzas. Proving cabinets allow you to control the length of time your dough is proofed for and eliminate under or overdoing it. Many proofing cabinets have automatic timers so you can achieve consistent, perfect results every time.


How Do Proofing Cabinets Optimise Time-Efficiency?

The LieviReal proofing cabinets have been designed to be installed together with other Real Forni ovens, being a perfect match in terms of dimensions and design. The doors are made from stainless steel both on the inside and outside which is practical to use and comes with automatic dampers on the doors as well as large windows to insure good product visibility. The in featured control panel is clear and intuitive to help automatically regulate the heat.

By Creating a Controlled Environment

Proofing cabinets use their specific humidity and temperature controls to speed up the fermentation process without interfering with the quality of your batch. 

When proofing at room temperature and not within a machine, your dough is subject to moisture fluctuations in the air and drafts from opening doors and windows. In a controlled environment, thanks to the lack of interruptions, your batches will prove more evenly and much faster. 

By Allowing Multiple Proofing Batches at Once

Proofing cabinets have high capacities to hold large quantities of dough at once in several layers of vertical racks. The vertical racks create a more spacious environment and maximise space to enable optimal proofing and, ultimately, save you time.

By Minimising Avoidable Mistakes

Proofing cabinets ensure that your dough rises uniformly, reducing the need for reshaping and adjustments usually required during natural proofing. They create higher quality, more consistent batches that minimise waste and the time it takes to inspect each product.

By Reducing the Need for Manual Monitoring

Modern proving cabinets are usually automatic, so all you have to do is load and unload the racks and turn it on. No further intervention is required from you. The cabinet does it all. The automated controls will massively reduce the time you spend monitoring your batch so you can focus on other tasks while they’re proofing.

The LieviReal LR2P2 Prover With 2 Door proofing cabinets have been designed to be installed together with other Real Forni ovens, being a perfect match in terms of dimensions and design.

By Streamlining Your Workflow

With the set-and-forget functionality of proofing cabinets, you can effectively plan your tasks to ensure a continuous production line and reduce wasteful downtime.


The Blue Moon CFI AFB 68 2C2P 20 levels retarder prover cabinets (2C2P) is a two compartment and two door refrigerator, designed to receive 460mm x 800m trays, grids or meshes.

Are Proofing Cabinets Energy Efficient?

Our proofing cabinets use R452A refrigerants, which reduces their global warming potential (GWP) by 50% compared to older, previous models. Additionally, their automatic functionality ensures that only the electricity needed is the electricity used.

Furthermore, since the cabinets are heat and humidity-controlled, the need for additional cooling and heating machinery is non-existent. Again, only the electricity needed is the electricity used. 

Lastly, proofing cabinets are effectively insulated to minimise heat loss, saving considerable energy.

Proofing Cabinets in a Nutshell

Proofing cabinets create consistent, high-quality batches with minimal effort from you. They streamline your workflow, reduce your electricity consumption and allow you more control over processes in your bakery.

Creeds Direct supplies an extensive range of proofing cabinets and industrial baking equipment to companies throughout the UK and abroad. Our expert bakers are on hand to point you in the right direction so you find the machine best suited for you. 

We value flexibility. So our proofing cabinets are available for instant purchase or on finance. Get in touch today to enquire about a product, and we’ll help you find the most suitable solution.