Increase Production and Save Yourself Time with Dough Sheeters

Increase Production and Save Yourself Time with Dough Sheeters

Whether you are starting your own bakery or graduating from your manual dough sheeter, the automatic alternative is an absolute must. Not only can you save time and money, but increase profit and productivity by producing more goods at a faster rate. If that doesn’t sound appealing, we don’t know what does!

So, now we know professional dough sheeters are more efficient, but what else will we cover in this article?

What Is the Difference Between a Manual Sheeter and an Electric Dough Sheeter?

A manual sheeter requires more effort as these machines are very small. You need to roll each piece of dough by hand by consistently spinning the handle, which can cause hand cramps after repeated use.

However, an electric bakery sheeter does all the hard work and is much bigger. It flattens dough extremely quickly, so all you have to do is gently move the handle and flour the machine. You may even have extra features that slice the dough or create patterns.

How Does a Dough Sheeter Work?

The easiest way to tell you how a dough sheeter works is to give you some simple step-by-step instructions using our Ferneto pastry sheeters. They are extremely easy to use despite their intimidating look and size.

1. Sprinkle some flour across the conveyor belt
2. Place your dough onto the conveyor belt
3. Adjust the speed and press the green button to turn on the unit
4. Move the big stainless steel handle to set the thickness of the dough, and move the small black handles to change direction of the conveyor belt
5. Repeat the process

If your dough is not forming the correct shape, simply refold it and continue using the pastry sheeter. It may take a few attempts to get the right consistency, but you will find your rhythm eventually.

Here’s a video of how our Ferneto pastry sheeter works:

The Benefits of Dough Sheeters

Professional dough sheeters have many more benefits than the manual alternative, such as:

– Additional features
– Adjustable speeds
– Easier to use
– Efficient in a variety of applications
– Higher in quality
– Larger capacity
– Produces goods faster
– Semi-automatic
– Quieter (depending on the model)
– Wider belt

How Big Are Dough Sheeters?

Dough sheeters, also called pastry sheeters or bakery sheeters, can also be made fully automatic or a small countertop appliance. However, the electric models are standard.

We appreciate every bakery, cafe and restaurant are sized differently, which is why we offer a wide range of professional dough sheeter sizes, including:

Ferneto LMI Automatic Industrial Pastry Sheeters 2 Sizes

1. Work area size: 320 cm x 70 cm (overall: L 390 cm x W 127 cm x H 128 cm)
2. Work area size: 420 cm x 70 cm (overall: L 490 cm x W 127 cm x H 128 cm)

– Belts: 70 cm wide, 3.2 m and 4.2 m long
– Maximum pastry rolling capacity: 20 kg

Ferneto LMR Industrial Pastry Sheeters 20 Speed

1. Work area: 320 cm x 64 cm (overall: L 369 cm x W 116 cm x H 121 cm)
2. Work area: 420 cm x 64 cm (overall: L 469 cm x W 116 cm x H 121 cm)

– Belts: 64 cm wide, 3.2 m and 4.2 m long
– Maximum pastry rolling capacity: 16 kg

Ferneto LMA Pastry Sheeter 20 Speed

1. Work area: 160 cm x 60 cm (overall: L 1900 mm x W 1025 mm x H 1170 mm)
2. Work area: 200 cm x 60 cm (overall: L 2300 mm x W 1025 mm x H 1170 mm)
3. Work area: 240 cm x 60 cm (overall: L 2700 mm x W 1025 mm x H 1170 mm)
4. Work area: 300 cm x 60 cm (overall: L 3300 mm x W 1025 mm x H 1170 mm)

– Belts: 60 cm wide
– Maximum pastry rolling capacity: 8 kg to 14 kg

Sheeter | Pastry/Dough Electric (Tabletop)

1. Work area: 160 cm x 50 cm (overall: L 1900 mm x W 960 mm x H 825 mm)
2. Work area: 200 cm x 50 cm (overall: L 2300 mm x W 960 mm x H 825 mm)

How Much Does a Dough Sheeter Cost?

There is no average price of a pastry sheeter as it depends on the model and size. However, newer models are usually more expensive, but offer a better range of features.

We provide an efficient unit for everyone at a reasonable price, which is why we supply four very different models. All our bakery sheeters are available on finance from a minimum of £96 per month (excluding VAT), or you can buy them outright.

How to Maintain Your Dough Sheeter

Cleaning your bakery sheeter after each use and doing regular service checks will ensure your unit has a long lifespan. With proper maintenance, it will last longer than 10 years!

Here’s how to ensure your pastry sheeter stays in top condition:

1. Realign and/or put away any rollers, belts and cutting parts to reduce damage during your next use
2. Clean after each use with a microfibre cloth and non-chemical cleaner
3. Make sure the machine is turned off
4. Wipe away flour residue
5. Remove leftover dough
6. Check all areas (rollers, belts, scrapers, etc)
7. Inspect your machine for any worn or damaged parts—don’t use again until replaced or repaired
8. Properly cover and store your unit to keep it away from debris, dust and cross-contamination

When using your professional dough sheeter, you must follow the proper instructions and safety protocols that come with the machine. For example:

– How to clean, maintain and use it
– Ensuring no harmful chemicals, ingredients or tools are used on it
– Wearing the proper PPE (safety equipment)

Professional Dough Sheeters at Creeds Direct

Now you know all there is to know about bakery sheeters, you are ready to take the next step in improving your business.

We provide four high-quality units that are efficient in cafes, restaurants and industrial settings that bake a multitude of delicious treats. No matter the ingredient, our models are proficient in making the perfect batch in no time!

Contact us today for a quick quote or view our stock for more information on each product. All Ferneto machines come with a 2-year warranty, satisfaction guarantee, and next-day delivery if you order before 1pm.