Which is the Best Blast Chiller for my Bakery?

Which is the Best Blast Chiller for my Bakery?

The best blast chiller for your bakery will depend on your average batch size, budget, and available floor space. In this article, we describe our selection of blast chillers in thorough detail, all in one place. So you can make an informed decision for your next big purchase.

Deep Blue – 5 Tray, 2 in 1 Blast Chiller and Freezer Cabinet –  From £154pm excluding VAT

This machine uses its robust 304 stainless steel construction and R452A refrigerant to provide durability, reliability and efficiency, reducing GWP by up to 50% (compared to previous models).

With quick freeze and chill capabilities, you can achieve precise temperature control to keep your goods fresh. These modes are highly beneficial for products between 11 and 38kg and have a temperature range of +3°C to -18°C.

This model only has the capacity for five trays, but we have larger versions available to hold up to 15 (600mm x 400mm) trays at a time.


10 Tray Alternative – From £193pm excluding VAT

Weight: 142 KG
Measurements: 130 H, 790 W, 800 D
15 Tray AlternativeFrom £238pm excluding VAT

Weight: 200 KG
Measurements: 1950 H, 790 W, 800 D

Choose between timed and controlled cycles using a pin-type sensor to achieve fast blast chilling at your convenience. This machine also has a “Conservation Mode”, which can be set to positive or negative for up to 8 hours.

Weight: 109 KG

Measurements: 850 H, 790 W, 700 D.


CFI SGH Range – 2 in 1 Blast Chiller and Freezer Rack –  Get a Quote!

This machine is available in standard and tunnel variants to accommodate more than a single (400 x 600mm) rack at once.

It boasts fast positive and negative cooling, effective blast freezing cycles, and automatic reversion to a maximum of 8-hour conservation mode at the end of every cycle. Each cycle is controlled by a temperature sensor and measured by a pin-type sensor.

This blast chiller includes a 15mm-thick insulated floor and 80mm-thick outer panels, is lined with 304 stainless steel and a food grade PVC outer. Each of these components combines to create a powerful machine that will substantially speed up your production.


Fast Positive Cooling and Automatic Revert to Conservation Mode: +65°C to +10°C.

Fast Negative Cooling and Automatic Revert to Conservation Mode: +65°C to -18°C.

Blast Freezing and Automatic Revert to Conservation Mode: +25°C to -18°C.

Refrigerating Power: -30°C.

Freezing for Baking Products: Raw Dough (320g) +20°C to -18°C in 1hr.

Freezing for Delicatessen Products (85kg): +3°C to -18°C at Core in 2hrs.

Freezing for Pastry Cream (50kg): +65°C to +10°C at Core in 110 Minutes.


Available Alternatives

46X346X4 68X1


What’s the Difference Between the Alternatives?

Some models accommodate more racks than others, thus, some are larger. Some have tunnel and standard variations and others don’t. And some cost less per month than others, thanks to their energy efficiency.


I’m Still Unsure, What do I do?

If you’d like expert advice on the most suitable blast chiller for your bakery, give us a call. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you towards the right direction of an ideal machine.