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7 Reasons To Use A Dough Divider

7 Reasons To Use A Dough Divider

Nowadays, bakeries and restaurants that are required to produce large volumes of dough for their services do not necessarily have the time nor manpower to formulate dough by hand efficiently. If you are fast, you may be able to divide dough a few hundred times in an hour but can you guarantee a smooth texture and perfection consistently? Most likely not. 

This is where dough dividers come in. 

There are many uses for dividing machines such as:

  • Bread dough dividers 
  • Pizza dough dividers 
  • Cake dough dividers
  • Pastry Dough dividers

Having the ability to quickly supply your food products to a customer can be beneficial to your overall business. A hungry customer is not always a happy customer and this is where the speed and efficiency of a dough divider comes into play. They naturally expedite the process of making rolls so that it is not as time-consuming and a less frustrating task.

As such, this article will take you through the major benefits of using a dough divider machine in your baking business and how this can benefit you in the future

Time and Labor Saving 

The major and primary benefit of incorporating dough dividers in your baking operations is the reduction in labour cost and improvement in time saving. If you want to make dough in large quantities, you should choose an automatic working machine. Here at Creeds Direct, we have the Hydraulic dough divider which ensures consistency of the dough pieces and includes maximum dough weight capacity all in a speedy fashion. Perfect for your dough dividing applications.

Heavily Increase Output and Efficiency 

Another benefit of using dough dividers is the heavy increase in output compared to making dough by hand. Imagine what would happen if you wanted to make more than 1000 pieces of dough in different sizes per hour in your bakery shop. Well here at Creeds Direct, we have the answer. Our Fermented Volumetric dough divider range can divide up to 1100 pieces per hour and completely trumps the process of dividing dough by hand. 


Utilising dough dividers ensures a high degree of accuracy. Dough dividers are vital when you need to get doughs in the same size, weight, smoothness and texture. If all of these are achieved, customers recognise the uniform nature of your dough balls and will start attending your business on a more consistent basis. Once you’ve perfected the size, weight and proportion of every smaller dough sample, this machine can help you recreate those measurements time and again without fail.

Easy Clean and Easy To Disassemble

If you are in the food processing industry, one of the most feared problems is ensuring hygiene standards are maintained. Having excess dough or bakery ingredients may look displeasing in the eyes of the customer as well as the employees working in the barkery environment. However, our dough dividers here at Creeds Direct are incredibly easy to clean. Simply disassemble the dough divider and wipe. In addition, All spare parts such as the front cover and plate mould can be easily taken out for cleaning.

Easy Use And Suitable For Unqualified Personnel.

Another major benefit of the dough divider is that while being incredibly simple to use, you don’t actually need to hold any special qualifications in order to legally operate the dough divider machinery. According to the government national careers service, people who have a desire to become a professional baker can enroll in college course in:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Bakery 
  • OR 
  • Level 3 Diploma in Professional Bakery 

These courses will teach the basic fundamentals on how to use the machine or alternatively, older users wishing for a career in the baking world can simply be trained on the job by a fellow baker shop manager/employee with no expenses to be involved.


Can you imagine that you are a local baker just starting up a career in a shop. You have limited space and the space you do have is taken up by other baking appliances. However with a dough divider, they can be compact in size meaning you can have access to this nifty piece of equipment and not have to worry about taking too much space for your bakery operations. 

Environmentally friendly

Finally, being environmentally friendly and ethically sustainable is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s age and there is no exception when it comes to dough dividers. Thankfully, they only run on electricity through a power cord and a mains supply. No petrol, diesel or LPG gas emissions are dispersed when dough dividers are operating.Now that you know the many benefits of having a dough divider it is perhaps time to invest in one here at Creeds Direct. If you would like more information call us on 0800 270 7777 or for general enquiries email: