7 Reasons To Use A Dough Divider

7 Reasons To Use A Dough Divider

Dough dividers allow you to finish more accurately-sized batches faster and more efficiently than by hand. They restrict mess and are very easy to use, so they’re suitable for businesses of all sizes.

You may find that you’re meeting demand but inadvertently restricting your output by manually preparing your products.

Furthermore, the quality of your dough may be less smooth or consistent than it could be. Fortunately, these problems can all be solved with a high-quality dough divider.

A hungry customer is rarely a happy customer. So it’s essential to expedite your processes, where possible, to keep your customers fed and your business flowing.

Dough Dividers Save Time and Labour

Dough dividers can increase the speed of your production and reduce labour costs by doing the heavy lifting for you. In small businesses, a manual dough divider may suit your shop better. However, a large operation may require fully automatic machines

Whichever divider you choose, they’ll all guarantee batch consistency. With maximum capacities of up to 3000g at once, you can streamline your processes substantially.


They Heavily Increase Output and Efficiency 

Could you imagine the arm ache after attempting to reach the same output as a dough divider? Our Fermented Volumetric dough divider can divide up to 1,100 pieces per hour and requires just one operator at any time. 


They Assure Unmatched Accuracy 

Dough dividers are designed for unbeatable accuracy, unachievable with the human eye. A dough divider will ensure identical size, weight and texture, batch to batch. 


Dough Dividers are Easy to Disassemble and Clean

A problem you likely face in the food service industry is the constant assurance of hygiene standards. Fortunately, our dough dividers can be easily disassembled and cleaned from components such as plate moulds and smaller spare parts. 


They’re Easy for Unqualified Personnel to use

Our dough dividers are exceedingly simple to use and don’t demand qualifications from their operators. Although it’s beneficial to train to work in a professional food production environment, it is not legally necessary.

Operators can train on the job, having no experience or qualifications, without incurring additional expenses.


They’re Compact

Dough dividers are perfect for shops with limited space, as they designate a single area for production rather than several workstations. They’re also highly beneficial if you harbour multiple machines and don’t have space to waste.


They’re Environmentally Sustainable

Dough dividers run exclusively on electricity through power mains, negating the causes of unnecessary emissions from petrol, diesel and LPG gas.


Purchase Your Dough Divider From Creeds Direct

At Creeds Direct, we stock a range of dough dividers suitable for businesses with various budgets, space restrictions and requirements.

We offer immediate and finance quotes, so you can hire your dough divider on your schedule.

If you need a dough divider but have questions before you commit, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. We have a team of professional bakers on hand to point you in the right direction.